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Оригинал взят у echovlg в Оркестр "Царицынской оперы" написал письмо королеве Великобритании
Оригинал взят у echovlg в Оркестр "Царицынской оперы" написал письмо королеве Великобритании
Особое мнение главного дирижёра волгоградского музыкального театра "Царицынская опера" о ситуации вокруг оркестра театра, о зарплатах в 4 тысячи рублей и о письме английской королеве

А вот и само письмо королеве Великобритании. Сегодня оно доехало до Лондона и передано в секретариат королевы

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1 1AA

Your Majesty

We wish to inform you of the recent celebration of British Choral Music held at Tsaritsyn Opera, the State Opera House in Volgograd.

The Voces Volgograd Festival, 2013 included the World Premieres of In the Shadow of Mamayev…a Prayer for Volgograd, written by Dr Edward-Rhys Harry and performed by the Harry Ensemble. They also held a joint performance with the Opera House Orchestra and Choir of The Armed Man, written by Dr Karl Jenkins CBE OBE.

We know that there are strong links with Volgograd and your Family, with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother graciously accepting honorary citizenship of our City.

Volgograd is developing preparing for the 2018 FIFA World Cup being held here. We, people of art are trying hard to bring as many projects in the field of academic music, theatre, dance, painting as possible during the next 4 years. Sometimes we have to strive and prove, sometimes getting tiny support and little understanding. But we do believe in the power of arts and friendship!

The British and Russian Governments have recently announced that 2014 will be designated Year of UK and Russian Culture. Volgograd will once again be hosting a joint Choral Festival in April-May 2014, celebrating British and Russian collaboration. Some new pieces of music are going be written for the event by British and Russian composers and introduced to audiences in the United Kingdom and in the Russian Federation.

We would like to extend a very warm invitation to Your Majesty, to Volgograd, to join us at Tsaritsyn Opera, at this time and to ask if you would be able to send a message of support for our project and our opera theatre being the host of it.

We wish Your Majesty good health and happiness.

Yours faithfully

on behalf of the singers, choir, orchestra and ballet
of Volgograd Opera House

Dr Yuri M Ilynov

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